Album-quality sound recording for music, film, and voiceover.

The crux of our operation is one great signal chain for vocals that we've created through years of trial and error and improvement. We start in a treated booth with a Peluso P67 tube condenser (a brilliant take on the vintage U67), preamplify with a UA 610, and use Apogee ADC to bring a warm and crystal clear tone into Pro Tools. We use premium digital reverbs and UA-powered plugins to maximize the sound.


And not just for music. We're set up for ADR, film sound editing, field recording, voiceovers, you name it. But that's not all. We produce electronic music, write beats, compose film scores, and can help write original music with you. And if we can't do it, we know the Best People In The Business who can. Think of us as a one-stop music and audio shop.


We've spent a decade buying and upgrading our gear, searching for pro-caliber sound in our simple home studio. Now you can enjoy the fruits of that pursuit, recording pristine sound in our relaxed, residential space (complete with N64). No one has to know it didn't come from a high-dollar megastudio--we'll keep that between us.



Come over

and let's find your sound.


My buddy EJ and I (see: The Best People In The Business, below) have been doing sound and production work together since high school. Our project studio in midcity LA has all you need to do great vocal tracking and more. We have premium microphones and preamps, and the technology and experience to bring your music and film projects to life.