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Erin Go Bragh!

I eat dessert first, and the first song I'm posting from my EP is the bonus track.

Why? Because it's Saint Patrick's Day week. You may be surprised to find out that I'm of Irish descent. "Danny Boy" is a song that rings in the halls of my house many mornings after long nights at Finn McCool's. It's also the song I performed at my grandpa's funeral (Joseph Patrick Gallagher Jr.). For years my dad (Joseph Patrick Gallagher III) asked what it would take for me to record my own version. Despite having picked a very different direction for my record, I wanted to do this, so I made it the bonus track. (And yes, that means it's free if you buy the whole EP on iTunes).

I lucked out and got just about the best team on earth to help me make an a cappella track. Arranging and producing this tune was the multi-Grammy winning Ben Bram, who I knew from the USC a cappella days. You may have heard Ben's work in Pitch Perfect, Glee, and with a little-known vocal ensemble called Pentatonix. Ben assembled a masterful group to sing the arrangement–Frank Hobbs, Rishi Menon, Nate Tao, and Joe Santoni back me up.

Ted Trembinski and Ed Boyer edited and mixed the track, respectively.

The EP is available on iTunes:

and Spotify:…

and Amazon:

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